Course Conditions 

Booking a tee-time

Guest-players (with an NGF handicap of 54 or lower, a Kagerzoom playing permit or a demonstrable equivalent) are very welcome on the Kagerzoom course.

Tee-times can be booked up to two days in advance. This can be done online or by telephone (071 301 35 90) when the caddiemaster is present.

Players with a  Kagerzoom playing permit may not start before 4 PM.

At the bottom of the screen you can choose the date at which you want to play and you can set the number of golfers. The list will show you an overview of the available and non-available teetime slots. The times that show "9/18h" mean that you can choose between 9 or 18 holes for these times.

A subsequent screen allows you to enter your personal details and to further complete your reservation.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful course. Please let the caddiemaster know if you have any problems.

NB: You may find fewer free tee-times than you expect. Golfclub Kagerzoom's members are enthusiastic and active golfers and short periods are restricted to members only. There are also frequent internal competitions, both during the week and in the weekend. These result in the so-called "baanblokkades" (periods in which the course is unavailable to others). Follow this link for general information about the "baanblokkades".

Golfclub Kagerzoom

Veerpolder 20,
2361 KV Warmond


Caddiemaster 071 - 301 35 90